Friday, August 21, 2015

Thunder and Lightning rhythm with the kids

Part of my business is School Social Interaction Groups. This is pretty much the same as a corporate team building circle, but using a simplified style of drumming for the younger minds.

Here I am doing a rhythm with the kids that I call my "Thunder and Lightning" rhythm... (video will be posted soon). We start with softly building up the bass(note in the centre of the drum)...this sounds like thunder rolling over the hills. Then when lightning strikes, the kids move to the treble note(on the edge of the drum) loudly and shouting at the top of their voices as lightning crashes on the ground.  This excercise teaches kids how to use "light and shade"(intensity of volume) when playing on a drum as well as the two basic notes on any drum.

Thank you Babbelbekkies creche for the opportunity to perform at your end of year concert with your kids. They were amazing!

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