Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to hold a Djembe Drum when playing it....

Always remember that however you hold a Djembe, the most important is that its comfertable for you.

However here are some basic rules to follow:
The base of the drum must be angled off the ground at 45 degrees or more. This is so that the sound can escape the funnel of the drum and be amplified out nicely, otherwise the drum doesnt go BOOM, only Thump.

I put a strap on my drum so that I can carry it over my shoulder whilst playing, allowing me to keep my back straight and my posture upright...this is good so that you don't put strain on your lower back.

To your right...............................---------------->>>>>>>
is an example of how to sit so that you don't hurt your back,
notice the strap around the midsection of my back, and the angle that the base of the drum is off the ground.

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