Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am back with a vengeance!!!!

Hi there,

I have been very quiet over the last year or more building up my business, am now the proud owner of a very successful drumming business!

For more info please contact me on 078 295 8482 or email

WATCH THIS SPACE - Lots of very new and very interesting things coming up!!!!



Lizl said...

hello there, i love your blog!!
I need to get hold of Richard in East London for a gig my friends are planning. Would you perhaps have a number where we could contact him?

warm regards

Lizl Fourie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizl...sorry no I don't...but If you look up "Sugershack" in East London, they will know how to get hold of him!!!

Enjoy, and if you are doing a big enough session, remember that I can/will travel if the money is good enough!!....

Anonymous said...

This is to say a big "Thank You" to Daniel for drumming for the Knysna BeliZimo Dancers and Fariha Belly Dance Studio Dancers on Woman's Day (9th Aug) in Knysna. Fabulous. We enjoyed it immensely. Patricia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan here's a kinda goofy video i made of my playing:

I like your blog.


Djembe Drum Paradise said...

Hi there...sorry its taken so long, but check out the new look blog and your video will be posted there!