Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drumming gig at Milkwood Villiage, Wildernis, South Africa

 So thiese are a bunch of my fellow drummers from around the Garden Route...we got together and put on a drumming show at Milkwood Villiage in Wildernis.

We played for about 2 hours and had an absolute are the guys:

To the right is Zen and Daniel Chippendale(Zen on the Xhosa Dun Dun and Dan on Djembe)

To the left is Myself on the far right...behind me is Pat!...I've known Pat for close on 13years now, and his style of drumming lends itself to the American Indian Tribal Chanting Rhythms...pretty awsome stuff!!!

Here's the one and only Pat:

 Here is Zen playing on the wooden flute...What an amazing musician Zen is as well...not only is he a drummer, but plays the flute, the panpipe and also the didgeareedoo...and a few more but I'm uncertain of the names....

And of show is complete without an adoring audience....thank you to Lauren Mcdonald at Milkwood Villiage for allowing us to make some noise and have a lot of fun doing it!!!...

We hope to do many more in the future!!!!

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