Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Jam with an American Brass BELL Band

 So...I went to the mall on a normal average day, to meet the family for a cup of coffee at Mugg and Bean...when suddenly, in walks an American Bell Band and starts to set up.

For those of you that know me...I ALWAYS have a drum with me, even my son takes his drum everywhere with without any hesitation, both the Nicholson Drummers ran to fetch our drums and joined in!!!!

 It was such a fun 30mins of jamming with this group...they also did an Acapella of a Xhosa song, which surprised me very much

 At one point I quickly tightened up their one and only drum for them, and gave the one girl a quick 5minute lesson on an interesting rhythm for her to learn...

What an amazing random meeting of people...thanks to all those that were there, and the audience loved it just a much, thank you for the shouts of approval, applause, and cheers of encouragement!

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